Trout and Cod time around Eildon

We’re fast approaching the time of year when the trout fishing is just about at its peak in the rivers, and the same could also be said for those targeting big Murray cod in the lakes, namely Eildon. The region is well worth the day or weekend trip if you’re chasing either one of these species, be it shore or boat based. As the weather cools and the rivers tend to increase their flow levels both the cod and trout are active. Grab a waterproof jacket and head to the hills!

Customers Cao and Ben fished lake Eildon just recently after purchasing some suggested lures and outfits, and they ended up with a nice little cod on their first go, which isn’t an easy feat at Eildon. Ben picked out one of his lures that was suggested for trolling the steeper contours and he amazed when it got slammed after about 5 minutes in the water. He’s now hooked on lure fishing!

Customer Ismail thought he’d try his hand at kayak fishing for Murray cod in the upper inlets of Eildon. Ismail found the paddling and casting combo tricky at first, but he ended up landed a nice little cod on lure. Kayaking the upper arms of the lake is a good way to get into some quieter water, and a real shot at tangling with a serious sized cod at this time of year.

The smaller creeks around the region are very much worth the effort if you’re a trout angler. While plenty of the rivers in the area cop angling traffic, the tiniest of stream is often the hidden gem in terms of serenity and fishing action. Customer Brendan jumped in some of the smaller ones recently and ended up with a swag of stream browns fishing small suspending hardbodies and micro plastics that imitated the numerous nymphs clinging to the rocks. Free drifting the plastics on the correct weight jigheads was critical in getting the best presentation out of them.

Staff member John and mate Goran fished the Goulburn recently with the fly gear and landed a heap of fish in the section around Thornton. With the water starting to cool off, the guys noticed most of the fish were holding in the deeper holes and along the bubble lines. Fishing this water with fly constitutes getting the flies to the correct depth, but the same level of thought has to be considered when lure fishing. Free drifting plastics using the same attentive method is deadly, along with the use of flutter-sinking hardbodies.