Calm conditions for Calamari

The squid fishing has been quite good in both bays, with the calm weather we’ve had of recent. With light winds all week most locations have been fairly good in terms of water clarity. Some of the top end banks in Westernport have had a tinge to them after earlier rain, but overall the fishing for squid has been made more productive with the weather.

Customer Harry went out and landed his first squid on his newly purchased egi combo. Harry went to Blairgowrie Yacht Club and while he only landed the one, he did see many squid free swimming in the clear water. Harry found the noise in the Yamashita ‘search’ jig was helpful in attracting the squid nearby to his jig. The right hand size of the pier was where he saw all the squid, holding deep to the broken broken ground just ep from the end of the pier.

Customer Sam fished out in Westernport during the week with some mates where they landed some nice squid. Using a mixture of sizes in the Majorcraft jigs and colours resulted in a good catch. The best performing jigs were definitely brighter colours – with ghost UV orange and purple tiger both being the standouts.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has also been having some fun on the squid of late. James has been taking clients out on southern Port Phillip for the squid, and beautiful calm weather really added the cherry on top. The south sand area has been great in holding numbers of squid, with some beautiful specimens in the mix. Clear and calm conditions have been best approached with size 2.5 jigs, with lightly weighted helmets added for the tidal strength. Loud rattle style jigs in bright UV colours have outfished most other jigs, with some natural wrasse/green patterns also adding a complementing colour to the mix. Depth has been fairly consistent with the bulk of the squid getting caught in 5-6m of water.