Bonus Barrel action

Customer Kris fished out of Portland recently to land some really nice fish. Kris found that the use of a large spreader bar teaser was very effective, with brighter white or lumo colours being the best. When running the spreader bars the most effective method has been to run on a larger 50w style outfit, with the bar sitting around the end of the hull wash zone, straight down the middle.

Customer Jade took his crew down to Portland recently where they got into some solid school tuna. The boys found a few different skirt patterns to be the best, with some of the larger Aloha fish heads in Kawahai and King Don being the standouts. Running these heavier head styles either short in the spread or back further hasn’t mattered as their overall weight and head shape has meant that they are very versatile lures to have in the mix.

Customers Mark, Lee and Cip took their mate Anthony out off Portland in search of his first tuna, and the boys weren’t disappointed. The Bonze Exocet was their lure of choice.

A lot of the ‘hot’ lures at present have been larger 8 – 12inch skirts, especially in winged variants. The extra flash off the wing really creates an extra bite trigger for the fish, especially when under the surface a few feet. Skirt colours vary in these lures, with many purple/pink/blue variants working very well at present.