Bluewater action

The bluewater action continues again, with plenty of tuna hanging about and still good numbers of kingfish. The kingfish have been caught inside the rip, and again cruising up along many of the channel markers inside Westernport – along with the main promontories and reef complexes offshore such as the area off Barwon.

Customers Johnny and Thao have been chasing the kings about recently. The boys fished the rip last week and managed a couple of solid fish on both jig and bait. Live yakkas have been great when you can find them. Fishing slim profiled jigs around the 200g mark has also been a great way to fire up the fish, and often a single jig hookup results in multiple.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been catching some nice kingfish with his sons Tristan and Dylan. The boys have been bridle rigging live yakkas and slimies – but they’ve also caught quite a few on the jig. Fishing Yakamito pagani jigs around the 200g mark has been a great way to fire up the fish. All colours have been working, with natural flashy blues and greens some of the better patterns.

Young gun Mike has been out on the tuna again. Mike fished with his mate and father out from Newhaven. The boys found solid school bluefin both trolling and casting. The better lures on the troll were Halco Laser Pro 190’s in the ‘crazy deep’ version, with ‘king brown’, ‘baitfish’ and ‘Lumo’ all producing fish. On the casting scene the Amegari diving poppers have been excellent along with the Maria Pop Queen in both 160mm and 130mm.

Customers Daniel and Chris got out on the tuna also last week. Fishing locally the boys managed a handful of fish to around the 15kg mark. The most effective lures were Halco Laser Pros and Samaki Pacemakers, with redbait and pilchard patterns getting eaten off short and long corner positions.