Bluefin bonanza

The bluefin tuna fishing seems to just keep going from good to great locally. The amount of tuna hanging around outside both bays in excellent – with plenty of schools moving through to keep anglers busy on all methods.

Rougher conditions have led the fish to bite better, but lure choice can be a bit more critical in these conditions. Heavier weighted ‘bullet’ style heads have been the choice if conditions don’t allow for other lures to stay in position properly.

Customer Justin took a crew out on the tuna last week, with some great results. Justin and crew fished out from the Eastern entrance and around Kilcunda. Fishing a mix of Halco and Samaki hardbodies in both deep and shallow gave them the best results, with fish caught on natural bait patterns along with bright ‘attractor’ patterns.

Gawaine Blake from Saltguide has been out on the local tuna with clients and mates and he reports that the best method of locating the fish has been to actively scour for muttonbirds or isolated bait on the sounder.  Calmer conditions have called for a more finesse approach, with lures 5 inches or smaller working well, along with micro stickbaits and even small jigs and metals. These styles of lure have been effective when fished on much lighter leader also.

Customer Stuart reported the school bluefin tuna went crazy off Cape Schanck last weekend, with fish eating both skirted lures and hard bodied lures. Brighter attractor colours were successful when fished in close, while more natural patterns fished better when run long. The hot area seemed to be about the 50m depth line.