West Coast barrels biting

The run of solid tuna continues out along the state’s West – with Portland providing most of the reports of late. While there has been fish caught from Port Mac, many anglers are finding good numbers of fish East of Cape Bridgewater. There has been a good mix of successful lures out here, with speed running vibes and hardbodied lures providing action when run in close, and skirts in the 8 – 10 inch range working well further back.

Customers Nick, Nikko, Stace and Anthony fished out from Portland over the long weekend. Fishing out from Cape Bridgewater, they had a solid hookup and landed a nice fish well over 100kg. The guys made short work on the fish on 37kg gear, with an Ernie/Dingo style head in lumo getting the job done.

Customers Stuart, Steve, Travis and Zach hit the bluewater out from Portland recently. The boys found some life out between Cape Bridgewater and Nelson, and consequently got a double hook up. While the hooks pulled on one fish, the second fish was landed after a 40 minute fight and weighed a solid 104kg. The successful lure was a Bonze Exocet in the Seductor colour.