Autumn a great time for cod

As we approach the end of Autumn the Murray cod fishing has started to improve, especially if you’re after a larger fish in any of the impoundments or the Murray river. Once previously thought of more a summer target species, Murray cod can be successfully caught on bait and lure year round – provided your fishing outside of closed season locations such as Eildon.

Customer Michael fishes the Eildon region and in particular the pondage a bit, and he was shocked during the most recent trout trip. Michael was fishing the upper pondage in search of trout with a larger spoon style lure – as he does. To his amazement a solid cod came out of the depths and followed his lure in, and the very next cast the lure was engulfed by the same fish. Michael managed to subdue the fish on his lighter trout gear, to get a decent photo and quickly return the fish to the shallows. Next time you’re around the pondage it could be worth casting a larger lure  – hopefully prompt a larger cod!

Customer Hudson fished Lake Eildon recently, where he had a great session on the cod. Hudson landed a ripper fish of 99cm, which may as well be the magic metre mark! Hudson was fishing the edges of a shallow bay with some dispersed light timber and grass, which is an ideal hunting ground for a cod looking to pick off some roach, redfin or carp fry. As we get into the cooler months of the year, the cod will actively look to ‘stock up’ on larger feed to put on condition prior to later spawning movements – so large lure options can successfully be used to trigger them.

Customer Mark has been on fire recently, and his latest trip on the cod was another success. Mark fished the Murray last week and upgraded his personal best cod to 104cm. Mark caught his fish on a surface crawler, which has recently been retired to the hall of fame. Mark did well in getting the fish out from under and amongst a series of sticks and logs that it had wrapped itself around also.