Local land based bread and butter

Fishing Reports

The weather this week has been great for anglers, and with a few more days left of school holidays there are some great options to get the kids outside and enjoy some good fishing.

The garfish fishing has been excellent with the calmer weather around the piers, and the fish have been around in great numbers and hungry, and the suburban stocked lakes have also been fishing well for rainbow trout. The best part about both of these methods is that generally the rod and reel choice will crossover, so you could almost fish for the garfish in the morning and then chase the trout later on – with a not much more than a simple rig and berley tweak.

The garfish have again been excellent value for local shore based anglers. Many of the bayside piers and jetties have been excellent for catching these tasty little fish with the action occurring from Brighton to Blairgowrie. The real hot areas have been again from Mt Eliza through to about Black Rock however, with Mordialloc being a real gar haven the last few days.

Customer Jason fished with a couple of mates in his boat just out from Mordi pier during the week where they landed a great bag of gars. Fishing lightly weighted floats back into a fine berley trail with an extra bit of pilchard in the mix was the go. Silverfish chunks were also the gun bait.

Making the most of the school holidays staff member Don took his son Tygar down to the lake at Casey Fields for a spot of trout fishing. Even though the conditions were horrendous a handful of trout made it to the bank. The method that was most effective was the usual coarse style powerbait fishing, complete with berley feeder cage and fine mix berley. The specialist trout dough and bright ‘spring green’ coloured powerbait were the two baits of choice.

Gippsland Lakes bream

Fishing Reports

The gippsland lakes have been fishing very well for quality bream at present, as there is still some fresh water feeding in from higher up in the feeder rivers. This fresh water puts some anglers off as it seems ‘dirty’ but in reality it helps in many ways.

Customer Mohammed and friends camped at Lake Tyers overs the weekend and caught some nice bream fishing from the bank. The guys found that the water level was very low and discoloured, but baits of prawn were the best with some very nice fish landed around the Mill Point region.

Customer Pete fished the lakes over the weekend with the Nicholson angling club and managed to upgrade his personal best bream by a big margin. Pete fished the Mitchell river and found the fishing slow on the Saturday, but Sunday morning the big fish were out to play! Peter live weighed in his 5 fish and all were super solid fish, with the best going around 1.6kg. Pete has been finding stretchy Zman grubs fished super slow have been the go, loaded with scent.

Southern squid and whiting

Fishing Reports

The southern Mornington peninsula is again the place to be looking if you’re searching for squid and whiting – with some good quality squid at that. Even though the weather this week hasn’t been bad enough to keep the northern end of the bay dirty, the southern end has definitely been more consistent. The real areas to be focusing on are from Rye to Portsea.

Customer Shane has been catching quality squid from both Rye and Blairgowrie piers. Shane has mainly been fishing at night and most of the squid he has caught have been around 1kg or bigger. Haramitsu jigs in size 2.5 have been the best for him, especially in dark natural colours.

Customer Izzy fished along the bottom end of the bay with Brett Reed from Reedy’s rigs in search of both squid and Whiting. Izzy and Brett fished out from Portsea and Sorrento where they managed some very good quality squid on size 3.5 Haramitsu jigs. Red foil underbellies were the best performing jigs amongst the clear shallow water.

After collecting some calamari they fished their way around Sorrento, Portsea and Dromana in search of whiting. Pipi fished on reedy’s ‘tinganoster’ rigs worked best in water 5 – 7m deep.

Fishing the same section of the bay customers Josh and Arthur have been doing well on the Whiting. They has been moving about a bit but has found the fish out from Portsea in 8m. The next session the fish went well further back off the Rye region. Both Josh and Arthur had a good session just recently off Rye in 5m of water. Pipi was the best bait.

Bread and Butter pier species

Fishing Reports

Frankston and Seaford piers have been fishing well for gars. Staff member Don fished Frankston and Oliver’s Hill earlier in the week and caught a feed of garfish. Don found the usual fine berley mix was good to get the fish going, with banana prawn and silverfish the better baits. Float adjustments were also critical, with very calm conditions turning the fish very shy. Don found that his most finesse float was the best option, as heavier weighted floats were pulling on the fish slightly and they would drop the bait.

Further up the bay customer Bashir caught a bag of gars out in the boat. Fishing the shallows off Brighton he managed a nice feed of tasty gars. Fine berley constantly pumped out of the pot kept the fish hanging about and maggots were the best bait.

The area around Green Point is a good area to anchor up, especially on the Northern side of the reefy point. The shallows here produce plenty of garfish once the berley is deployed.

Around the southern end of the bay there have been a few species on offer if you’re hitting one of the piers. Amongst the garfish around the pier and Rye and Portsea, there have been stacks of tommy rough. The tommies are very easily mistaken for small salmon but generally have a larger eye, rougher scales – hence the name and black tips to their tail fins.

If you’re fishing from the pier here the same setup as your garfish gear will suffice. Staff member Don fished the pier during the week with his son Tygar and landed a heap of tommies. A fine grit ‘garfish spec’ berley trail is excellent with the addition of slightly more tuna oil or finely mashed pilchards. Finely tuned floats with small pieces of banana prawn have also been excellent.

The squid fishing has recently picked up for anglers fishing from the piers. The southern end of the peninsula has been the place to be out eging. Customer Tony fished from Portsea pier recently and found that the early morning fishing was the best.

Tony fished the end of the pier from before first light and managed 6 nice squid for his morning session. After purchasing a new squid outfit Tony was super keen to get amongst them, and he reports the new outfit made the fishing much more enjoyable. The best jig for Tony for this session was a UV white in size 3.5

Tuna still moving along West Coast

Fishing Reports

For anglers planning on heading down along the West Coast when the next weather window allows, the tuna fishing has still been good. The main areas of interest have been out from Portland and Apollo Bay. Fishing out from Portland and heading East has been the area some good reports have been coming from – with mostly small school fish on lures like 5 – 6 inch skirts. Colour ranges through black/pink/silver/blue have been the best.

Out from Apollo Bay most of the fish have been out wider in water around 60m deep or so. With the presence of bait, there have been many reports of large fish and ‘barrels’ in the area.

James from Unreel Fishing Charters has been getting into the tuna out from Portland recently when the weather allows. James has been putting customers onto a good amount of school sized fish, with a handful of larger fish pushing the 40kg mark mixed in also.

Customers Cip, Lee and Mark fished out from Apollo Bay last week spending time in search of some more ‘barrel’ tuna. While the boys didn’t do any good in the barrel front – they did manage to land solid school tuna for their efforts. The fish have again been a long distance out – at around 100km from the closest ramp.

Redbait and pilchard patterns in both hardbodies such as Pacemakers and 6 inch skirts have been the better options.

Urban lakes fishing great for trout

Fishing Reports

While we’re amongst the school holidays many parents have been looking to take the kids somewhere to fish, and the urban stocked ‘family fishing lakes’ have been a great place to look. With many of them being close to urban housing estate they are generally close to home, and full to the brim with feisty rainbow trout.

These fish are ideal for all levels of angling skill and can be caught on lure, fly and bait methods – but the very best method is finesse coarse style bait fishing. Powerbait and local trout dough are the two best baits to take, with a fine mix trout pellet berley a must-have also.

For an up to date list of trout stocking that’s been happening near you click on the following link:

Victorian stocked trout lakes

Customer Jozef has been fishing Karkarook Park Lake during the week with his wife. Jozef has had no problems catching up to 12 fish per session in the lake, with powerbait being the best offering – especially in yellow and green tones.

The main key as usual has been incorporating a crushed trout pellet berley into the mix and making sure you cast your baits back in the same area as the fish get used to the scent in the area.

Customer Alex has been doing really well on the trout with his family at local lakes such as Casey Fields and Karkarook Park. Alex has caught a heap of the trout fishing a feeder cage rig with trout pellet fine mix berley and powerbait. Powerbait in rainbow has been excellent, but all manner of colours have been working – depending on the day.

Customer Nick has been wading some of the central Western lakes in search of a few solid trout over the past week or so. Nick has ventured out and fished a few of these lakes from the shore casting lures. Fishing lakes like Hepburn, Wendouree, Newlyn and Toolarup has been the go, as the fish have been on the chew and feeding on smelt and galaxias along the shallows. Some anglers have been catching fish in these lakes on bait, but most on lures.

Using long casting lures like spoons have been effective when rolled from the deeper water up on to the edges, and if conditions allow suspending hardbodies over the shallows.

Trout lakes ready for the holidays

Fishing Reports

With the upcoming school holidays many of the local family fishing lakes are worth a visit to get the kids out of the house, or just relax with a bait in the water. Wether it’s Rowville, Cranbourne or Moorabbin there are plenty of local trout lakes worth a stop at for a full list of stocked lakes be sure to click the following link.

List of stocked lakes

Up at Eildon the pondage has been dropped back to the old river bed and the trout have been firing. The various colours of Powerbait have been the gun bait when fished just above the weed. We also just received a drop of locally made Trout Dough that is absolutely A1 in any stocked trout lake.

Customer John had a relaxing session up on the Pondage at Eildon with some powerbait. John managed a trio of fit rainbows up to around 4lb which are prevalent around the pondage at the moment. With water levels currently reduced to the old river bed the fish have been confined to less water and worth a shot to land a couple before the water level is raised.

Southern squid

Fishing Reports

Port Phillip’s southern end has been running hot and cold for squid this week, but last week many anglers reported excellent squid fishing. The region from Mt Martha through to Sorrento has been best, with plenty caught around Blairgowrie and Rye.

Customers Cip, Lee and Mark have been doing really well on the squid while fishing out from Rye. The boys have found that bright ‘solid’ white or white/pink UV jigs in 3.0 and 3.5 have been the killers, and that the squid have been found a bit deeper than their usual areas.

Customer Hummer has been catching some of the larger squid on offer from the southern end of the bay. Hummer has been fishing around the Rye area and has found that size 3.5 jigs are his go-to, especially in green/glow and pink/glow colours.

Customer Izzy has been fishing southern Port Phillip for squid around the Mt Martha and Rye regions. Izzy has been doing well on the squid with natural coloured jigs on the shallower broken where the schools of anchovies have been pushed by the winds. Smaller size 2.5 jigs have been excellent in conditions where they are able to get down as they are a perfect match to a lot of the baitfish around at present.

Size 3.5 jigs in darker ‘wrasse’ patterns fished a bit deeper over the reef and grass towards Rosebud have been good for targeting the larger squid also, as these deeper sections with increased current have been holding some much larger models.

Peninsula producing salmon

Fishing Reports

South-East Melbourne’s ocean beaches have been fishing well for salmon over the past week as anglers have ventured further from home. St Andrews and Gunnamatta have been the pick of the lot, with the furthermost Eastern end of Gunnamatta holding some good schools of fish.

Spinning slimline metals with single hooks has been a great way to nab a couple, and half cut bluebait fished on the top hook of a paternoster rig has been working well for the bait anglers. When bait fishing berley is a MUST, especially if it consists of 100% pure pilchard mix. If small fish and crabs are thieving baits, fishing a TPR tear-resistant twitch bait on the bottom hook has been a great way to score a fish once the bait is gone.

There have been plenty of salmon about ranging from half a kilo to 1kg. About average from the back beaches has been around 700g, while just over the hill inside the bay schools of 300g fish have been hammering the whitebait and anchovies hanging about the harbours. Customer Mohammad and mates landed a bucket full from Mornington Pier just last week. Small plastics like the Yakamito foil shads have been deadly on this size fish.

Customer Adam also found some nice salmon hanging around the Yacht Squadron at Blairgowrie. Fishing small pieces of bluebait and anchovy-imitating soft plastics produced some solid fish for him and a mate. The salmon in the area here can be 2kg or so, and can be caught as they move back and forth between Blairgowrie and Sorrento piers.

West coast barrels

Fishing Reports

Barrel tuna have been on everyone’s lips over the past week. Now that Melbourne’s COVID-imparted boundaries are gone, anglers are wasting not time and travelling down the West Coast in search of these monster tuna. While there have been school fish about, they have been on the smaller side with fish of 5 – 8kg showing up – but providing much else than a distraction amongst the 100+ kg giants.

The main area of interest has been wide of Big Reef out from Apollo Bay. While there has been boat activity searching for the fish, the region that the fish have been in is roughly 100km from the closer ramps, so not for the ill-prepared trailer boat. The area has been a hive of activity with whales, dolphins, seals and birds all feeding up on the abundance of bait. The main bait in the area has been redbait or red rockets, which are miniature protein pills for the larger fish. Anglers like James Rogers from Unreel Fishing Charters have been getting amongst the fish and enjoying success with his sons Dylan and Tristan with multiple ‘barrels’ caught in single sessions.

Tristan Rogers has had his fair share of barrel tuna whilst fishing with father James. Red bait patterned lures have been what the fish have been actively eyeing off. Skirt colours like the one showed have been effective, with dark back/silhouettes and a splash of pink/purple/red really matching the redbaits’ noticeable highlights.

Anglers able to catch the redbait and ‘cube’ it back down to the fish unweighted have also found success, also these large fish are cued onto an unnatural sinking bait and will generally swim straight past it to eat another.